Dr Kirkham’s Expertise

Police Expert

Dr. Kirkham’s experience as a consultant and expert witness in police litigation encompasses over 1,000 cases in nearly every state in the nation. He has testified extensively in federal and state courts in behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in civil actions, as well as in criminal cases for prosecution and defense.
Private Security/Crime Prevention

As a criminologist and former law enforcement officer, Dr. Kirkham has been called upon hundreds of times in states throughout the nation to provide expert witness testimony in behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in private security related litigation involving the following offenses:

Custodial Facilities

Dr. Kirkham has been called upon many times by plaintiffs and defendants throughout the nation to evaluate and provide expert testimony in civil actions arising from incidents in jails and prisons. As a criminologist, his experience includes having worked in both prison and jail settings. He has been through a major riot at one of the nation’s most violent prisons, where his supervisor was murdered in a cellblock. Two of his three degrees in the field of criminology involved an emphasis on the study of problems in custodial facilities and his master’s thesis, written while he was a counselor at Soledad State Prison, dealt with sexual assaults by inmates.

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