“Ivory Tower Cop” is honeycomed with clues about the nature of the “Wake-Up Rapist” and the complex psychological forces that account for his increasingly bizarre violent behavior.

Why does he attack only successful professional women? Why does he never speak during the rapes or want his victims to undress? How does he selct the women he attacks from Miami’s population of professional females? Are his victims connected in some subtle way that neither they nor the police are aware of? Why does he strike at exactly the same hour of the night each time? Why are his assaults always limited to a five day period early in the month? How is the 1939 Einheit Luger pistol of Nazi SS Oberfuhrer Kurt Mueller linked to the rapes of Miami professional women seventy years after he was hanged for war crimes?

Follow in the footsteps of sexual battery detectives Sgt. Maria Sosa and Dr. David Roth as they use cutting edge techniques of criminal investigation in a race against time to answer these and other questions about the dangerous and elusive predator known as the “Wake-Up Rapist”